Tuesday, October 30, 2018

October 31: Halloween

Leo wants to trick or treat. Two blocks away is one of those streets that goes all-out. His classmate and walk to school friend Nolan lives there. They are going together. I was going to send them on their merry way with Nolan's dad or something. Not now. I'm closing the house, putting the dog on the leash, and purposefully walking these streets. Completely nervous and terrified.

I’ve put drug dealers and human traffickers out of business. I’ve met with the Secret Service, DEA, and FBI in my dining room. But nobody has ever been shot across the street. Right. There.

Hell, I was probably in a lot more danger back then.

 But I can’t put this to rest in my heart.


  1. And no wonder. I hope one day you can, but I wonder...

  2. Nope. Also, the fact that we are all probably in more danger every time we get in a car doesn't help. There are risks we are prepared to accept, and risks we are not. But yes, it is natural to be worried.