Thursday, November 1, 2018

November 1: St. Louis

My birthplace, my on and off again home, a toxic lover you keep coming back to even though she's so punishing, exhausting.

St. Louis has been compared to 1970s New York. We are gritty, bottom of the totem pole strong and mean.

When my sister Colleen, who had been mugged at gunpoint before, was attacked on her front porch by a man who knew what he wanted but thank God didn't get, she said to me, "God damn it, this whore of a city is hard on me."

I’m torn. This is home, but it can be so rough.


  1. This is beautifully written. And oh, what Colleen said.

  2. Oh wow. Also, I didn't realise you'd been born there.

  3. Love this description, but I don't think I will ever visit St. Louis.

  4. I've only been in St. Louis once and that was just at the airport to change planes on a trip from Chicago to LA. I do want to visit someday though.