Thursday, October 11, 2018

October 11: Well, Hell. Here's more.

I called my mom and asked her for others--her mom is the Ozark connection. She agreed with the ones I had and thought a while before adding:

You never watch someone leave all the way until they are out of sight. Close the door before they disappear or you’ll never see them again.

You can pass the pepper, but you can’t pass the salt to someone’s hand. You have to put it on the table and let them pick it up.

If you leave the house and then remember something you forgot, you can go back and get it but you have to sit down while you’re there. If you are going up or down the stairs and remember something, you have to finish the steps before you can go back to get it.


  1. Reading backwards, but I assume these are superstitions. I have heard about the salt one.

  2. Oh no. I tend to be very superstitious and feel like that one about not watching people until they are out of sight is going to stay with me.