Friday, June 15, 2018

June 15 Paper Thin

My old house was built in 1905. Rock solid brick construction with heavy plaster walls. I could sit in the living room, watch TV and talk on the phone, and no one upstairs would hear a thing.

I have moved to a house 24 years younger than that one. Still solid brick construction (three courses of red brick--the outer walls are byzantine thick). Still plaster on the inside. But something changed. I am typing this in the quiet living room, and I can hear one daughter downstairs talking to the dog and watching TV, and the other daughter upstairs doing aerobics (or whatever it is nowadays) to a video. I could literally do the exercises along with her, it's so clear. And I know what episode of M*A*S*H Sophia is rewatching.

Paper thin ceilings and floors. I don't get it, how much could change in 25 years in one city's construction patterns.

So I tiptoe through my own house and whisper into my phone.


  1. That *is* odd. Different materials, perhaps?

    1. The outer walls are exactly the same. The inside walls, too. I think the major differences are:
      1. The second floor was a wood floored attic, not really living space, originally, and so I have a feeling the space between the wood floor and the first floor ceiling is small.
      2. the 1905 house has 10-11 foot ceilings. Here they are 8.5 feet.

  2. I like that Sophia watches M*A*S*H... I have fond memories of Hawkeye and BJ.

  3. But in my 1892 house, I can pretty much hear everything.

  4. Was your old house at any time reinsulated? Maybe that explains some of it?