Thursday, June 14, 2018

June 14 The Alley

The house I've moved to, like the one I moved from, has an alley. I LOVE ALLEYS. All the utilities are behind the house along with the garage. Nobody puts trash out on the curb--we have dumpsters to sort recycling, yard waste, and garbage. We can put bulk items out once a month and they get whisked away. All the wires are out back. I just love them.

But what I don't love is what is peculiar to our alley, which is wide enough to be a European thoroughfare as opposed to most, which are often one-ways and very narrow, the hooks of the dumpsters dangerously close to our cars as we drive by, is that the people who share the alley with me like to parallel park in the alley.

It's bizarre. They will parallel park in front of their own garages--or an elderly woman's son will park in front of hers--and not just to drop something off or whatnot. Like all damned day. Thus making the alley narrow and stressful all over again.

One particular family seems to do this a lot, and they just wave and smile as I drive past.

I'm new here. I'm not one to rock boats right away. But there's a whole street to park on--and most of the houses have a garage and a parking pad (though this particular house uses the garage as a mechanic shop, and the parking pad has a boat parked on it).

It's not a big deal; I'm three houses from one end and I could just come in the other direction.

But I don't want to.


  1. Great last line to a whine!

  2. What Mali said. But also, I'm with you. I love alleys, and why clutter them? Why make them less useful?

  3. Yes to alleys! I've never lived in a house that had one, but I love them anyway.

  4. I agree, these folks should park elsewhere.

  5. I'm immediately drawn to places with alleys. Haven't had one to whine about since Pittsburgh days, however. Sad. These people are clueless, a common state among neighbors.