Saturday, May 12, 2018

12. Irish Coffee

I ordered an Irish coffee. She had a Bud Light, sighing, “I wish I thought of things like that. I am not creative.” This proved true as she told me the last time we met that my marriage was a sacrament and I needed to stay. I came for a friendly ear and got a sermon.


  1. Never trust light beer drinkers.

  2. I'm laughing at Kim's comment.
    And yes - being a good listener does not mean delivering a sermon.

  3. I have a friend like that. She can never just listen, she either feels like she must solve my problem or give me advice. I now preface nearly every conversation with "I am going to tell you something but I don't want advice -- I just want you to listen." Thing is, she's a therapist and assumes everyone needs her advice.