Monday, June 29, 2020

My World Part VIII

I went to the dentist today for three fillings in three places. One of them was replacing a filling that crumbled in my mouth while the office was closed for COVID. The other two were due to neglect on my part, but also, as Indigo Bunting mentioned today, the wind's fault.*

Because "summer school" is over as of last Thursday, I scheduled it for today at 9, knowing that it might knock me flat for the rest of the day.

It did. I sailed through two of them but the third, my strong-ass dental nerves broke through and the dentist, apologizing many times, had to re-numb me in several rounds more of Novocaine or whatever they use now. Out of my peripheral vision I could see the large metal syringe and I knew I was doomed.

I got home at 10:30, changed into pajamas, and slept until 3:30. I am only now upright, and that's because my phone wouldn't let me comment on IB's post that included the footnote below. I took a damned 5 hour nap and ate up Monday.

I could not be more pleased.

*There must be someone who isn’t me to blame. “‘If it was the wind,’ said Owl, considering the matter, ‘then it wasn’t Pooh’s fault. No blame can be attached to him.’”


  1. You mean other people have covid dental stories too? I just haven't gotten to that! Sorry for the pain but happy that you COULD take a 5-hour nap...and knew yourself well enough to leave space for it.

    1. Oh I know myself when it comes to dental work.

  2. Anyone who has to have three fillings done in one day, regardless of who is at fault, deserves a five-hour nap. And more.

    I will be working my way slowly through all the new posts. I am amazed, and delighted, at the volume of your output!

  3. My only covid dental story is that I'd postponed my 6-month checkup in January and never rescheduled the visit. It's now been nearly a year which is the longest I've gone without a cleaning/checkup since I moved to Bethesda.