Friday, June 26, 2020

My World Part IV

I didn't know the phone number but I picked up anyway. He introduced and connected himself to the parish school where Leo attends and he'd gotten my name from a mutual acquaintance. He's the lead architect/site manager for the school construction project, taking a 1930s cobbled together building with too many entrances and creating an obvious front entrance and proper office

Would I be interested in rebuilding some stained glass windows inset in doors for the school?

Sure I would.

Imposter Syndrome raging, I went up to school and took a look. They were totally in my wheelhouse. This was something I knew how to do. But they wanted safety glass on each side. I called the experts I knew (a local art glass company) and they made suggestions as if I knew what I was doing in general.

I wrote a proposal with real numbers.

They accepted it.

The architect had questions that made me realize I did know what I was doing after all--like, he asked, "now, do your measurements including the caning?"

When there is no caning. The lead is called came, not cane.

Or he asked, "this will be glass, right, not plastic?"

Of course it will. I wouldn't build a window out of colored plastic. Luckily I was on the phone and he couldn't see me roll my eyes.

So now I'm in charge of building six windows and setting them into giant wooden doors along with thin laminate glass that a local company is cutting to size for me.

Because of course I am.

Also drinking coffee. Because.


  1. OK, this is really cool. And I am so impressed that you know how to do stuff. I often feel like I can do NOTHING practical. Meanwhile, I love that you included the imposter syndrome cartoon.

  2. You're amazing B.

    I also have impostor syndrome, but I have it about what I do for a living.