Thursday, December 20, 2018

December 20: Happy Things

My ex-husband has a steady girlfriend.

The reports are that she fits in easily in all the places--family, friends, ex-friends. People like her. Read: she's not hard like me.

I'm trying to name the feeling but it escapes me.

I'm glad for him, in a distant academic sort of way. Relieved, too. Worried--what does she bring with her and will my kids be ok?--but not much, since my kids are older. A little surprised.

I have a fluffy white dog, a cute house, and a master's degree. I'm about to have a new water heater. I have a job that wrings me dry every day but pays better than any other teaching job would for me. I have drug dealing squatters across the street and a lot of nice acquaintances. Very nice actually. I have three children who are growing up to be amazing people. I have one amazing friend who sings in my heart's key.

I will sleep with the promise of tomorrow/although tomorrow may never come


  1. This is so well written. And I'm still waiting for various bits of information to trickle my way. All in good time, Indigo. All in good time...

  2. "I have one amazing friend who sings in my heart's key." Yes. Love it.