Wednesday, December 19, 2018

December 19: Happy Things

My water heater is leaking all over the floor of my basement.

But the happy things are:

1. Since it's within the first year of buying my house, it's covered under this home warranty thing that the sellers provided.

2. It was installed in 1983 and could have waited 6 months to crap out and then it would have been much more expensive

3. I get to take Thursday off to sit and wait for the plumber instead of doing what teachers do in December (crowd control, insane crowd control).


  1. I remember volunteering to help teachers in December - you have the better gig waiting for the plumber, I think. (I'm also a little envious, because we have had a very bad spell this fall of items breaking after warranties have expired!)

  2. Oh, I love you being able to find the positives!

  3. Looking on the bright side -- good for you.