Thursday, November 22, 2018

November 22: Water

St. Louis City has the best drinking water in the nation. It's true. It's been decided by a panel of water tasting judges. Wouldn't that be an interesting job?

I've known this my whole life. Our water is clear, for one thing. It comes out of the tap without sediment or color. Ice cubes melt in your glass and there's no extra stuff at the bottom that got pulled out when the water froze. I have lived in places where water was slightly brown or pink or cloudy. Sometimes very cloudy. Sometimes "better make tea before you drink it" kind of sediment problems. Nasty stuff, after living here.

Our water is also taste-free. It does not taste like a chlorinated pool; it doesn't taste metallic, salty, muddy, stale, or swampy. There's no taste at all. Perfect for all purposes, frankly--it makes great coffee and tea, for instance. It's like licking the condensation off a glass of an ice cold beverage of your choice. It tastes like wet.

Our water is cold, too, with pipes far enough below ground to keep from freezing.

We have a lot of it. Enough that I don't have a water meter--I pay a flat rate for water, no matter how much I use. All the old houses in the city are this way. Those two big rivers, you know.

I love St. Louis water. Enough that when I travel, I have a hard time staying hydrated, because every other tap water I've tasted? Gross.


  1. How did St. Louis achieve such perfection? And while "water taster" might be an interesting job, it's not one I would want. "Wine taster," on the other hand...

  2. I love this! Great water is to be cherished. One of the things I dislike about Europe is that I cannot drink the water from their taps - and often the bottled stuff (Evian, IMHO, is gross) isn't much better. Yay, St Louis.

  3. Bethesda has horrible water. Olympia has the best water I have ever tasted.