Wednesday, November 21, 2018

November 21: Ted Drewes

"The Chippewa location is the original," Carlos would always insist my freshman year. Then I'd argue with him, because I knew better. Grand was first (in reality, it wasn't, but of the two that still exist, it is older). He'd giggle and I'd get infuriated over nothing and we'd change the subject, again and again.

My dad would come home late after an evening shift, or maybe it's an amalgamated memory of many late nights for different reasons. I had on footie pajamas and a kiddie concrete, strawberry or pineapple, always, sitting in the red van while he had hot fudge and my mother had butterscotch. Hot fudge and butterscotch took on gender, it was so solidly connected in my mind to the flavor of concretes at Ted Drewes.

When I announced I'd be going to Saint Louis University, my anatomy teacher, Mr. Termuhlen, was excited--that's where he went, that's where he met his wife. He had something for me to promise. I needed to find someone from Ohio, somebody in my dorm, which was his wife's dorm, of course, and take them to Ted Drewes. I didn't--I never fell in with any Ohioans, but I took other people there. And people took me there.

The whole last month of pregnancy, all I wanted was a Dutchman sundae (pronounced sun-duh, of course) and it was the one time of year the Chippewa location was closed. Grand is only open in the summer, but Chippewa stays open except for the dead of winter. It was the dead of winter.

I had to survive on Dairy Queen, which is like asking for a glass of red wine and being handed Boone's Farm.


  1. Okay, I had to google what a "concrete" was. Also, I heartily approve of your parents' choices. I love butterscotch anything. (Probaby why I like chardonnay.) Now you have me salivating, and I need to know what a Dutchman sundae is. Google told me. I'm drooling now.

    Also, when I looked up Boone's Farm, the first line of the first result said, "Did you realize that Boone's Farm wine still exists?" That really told me all I needed to know! lol

  2. I totally had to look up what a concrete is!

  3. Okay. Now I MUST visit Missouri because I MUST go to Ted Drewes.

    1. It is worth the drive through to Kansas at least!