Sunday, October 14, 2018

October 14: Last Autumn

When I first separated from my husband, I stayed at my parents’ house while they traveled in Europe for 6 weeks, my kids going between this house and his, which had been mine. When they weren’t with me, the house, an old two-family my dad converted, creaked and sighed with the changing temperature. And at night walking up the steps to the second floor, sometimes I just couldn’t, and I would go back to the kitchen for a cup of tea first. I felt so silly rushing up the steps with the cats and wedging the pocket door shut. Once in bed for the night, I never left until dawn. It is not a friendly house to be alone in. But when people are there, the house is happy


  1. Interesting, the energy of houses. Are your parents happy there?

    1. They are ok with it. My mom swears she sees a wisp of something in the downstairs hall by the bathroom (the house was a two family and so the rooms once they converted aren't always in the same place as they were originally) sometimes but it doesn't seem to bother her. Maybe it's something to do with me!