Saturday, July 7, 2018

July 7: Ramona

I am Ramona Quimby all grown up.

I realized about a year ago that this is one way to say "I have adult ADHD" but I like the description better.

I am always packing my bag too heavy to run away. Squeezing the toothpaste, all the toothpaste, into the sink to see what that would be like.

I have zero sense of time--scratch that, I ALWAYS know what time it is, innately, creepily, but I don't connect the time with how much sleep I will get or how long it will take to drive there or if I can do all the things I said I will do.

I say yes to everything.

I see where things will go. This will be fun, my brain tells me. Give it a try. Whether that's a stained glass class (a good idea) or letting a girl scout grandma buy 1000 boxes of cookies (a bad idea).

I am Ramona. There's no stopping me and I love to raise my hand and give it a try and help you do something cockamamie that you have no business doing and I will stand there and not just cheer you on but be a part of it.

I am Ramona. I am confused when people don't like me, it takes a long time for me to take a hint, I feel often misunderstood and frustrated when I can't articulate what's going on in my head.

I am Ramona. I love deeply and forgive little things forever and ever and it hurts so bad when I have to shut a door because damn it, I tried so hard.

I dive in. I leap first then look. I love shiny things and conversations that go on forever and I live for connection.

I am Ramona.