Wednesday, June 27, 2018

June 27 Grocery Shopping

Moving, I live about 4 miles from my old place, where my ex-husband still lives (and my parents live a block from him). But too far to go to that grocery store anymore--which sounds ludicrous I'm sure to my rural readers. I am lucky to not live in a food desert and the nearest basic plain vanilla grocery store (as opposed to upscale [Whole Foods or the local Straubs or Dierbergs] or downscale [Aldis or the local Shop and Save or Sav-A-Lot etc]) is only about 3/4 a mile from my house.
But it means I have to relearn a grocery store. I have to sift through the choices again. I live in a neighborhood close to to a Bosnian enclave, so the ethnic food is different (before I lived near "The Hill", the still-very-Italian neighborhood where old ladies still go to stores pulling their little carts behind them and talk to the clerks in Italian). The store, even though it's the same chain, isn't set up the same way.

The butcher has different promoted cuts of meat. The produce section is somewhat less varied.

So I have to relearn the shelves. The aisles. And there are too many choices. My favorites aren't where they used to be. It's just hard.

Wah. As if this is a thing. I could just drive the four miles.



  1. A good whine. And it is unfair that your husband got to keep the grocery store.

  2. Excellent whine. I hate having to adjust to new supermarkets. Years and years ago, my favourite supermarket reorganised to try to match the big, fancy new one in the city on the way home, where I had never shopped. When they reorganised, I hated it so much I started going to the new, big, fancy one in the city. It is now my favourite supermarket.

  3. I am preternaturally excited by food, and new food opportunities, so the idea of going to an as-yet-unexplored grocery store sounds quite thrilling to me.

  4. I have different grocery stores for different needs or moods. And when I am feeling misanthropic I order from Peapod or Fresh Direct.

  5. My local grocery store randomly changes where they put things every few years. Apparently it's to force us up and down more aisles. Costco does the same thing. Stoppit!!