Tuesday, June 19, 2018

June 19 revenge

Revenge doesn't often happen. And sometimes, like from Hamilton, no one else is in the room when it happens. Sometimes revenge happens in bits and pieces, and only rarely does it happen publicly and in a deeply satisfying way.

I'm still waiting for an even score. I don't even need to win. I just need things evened up. I am starting to accept that this will never happen. No, not accept. Understand.

My high school nemesis moved to Ohio and got married and had a few kids and her mom, who was an utter abomination, died a couple years back. But that's not revenge. It is too late for anything there--that dish got way too cold. That adage only holds so true: the best revenge is served cold.

The last workplace that treated me dirty was my old parish, and I didn't get revenge or learn about it secondhand from an old friend. I just simply survived everyone who was part of the dirtiness. I survived and did so well. I guess that adage is sometimes true: the best revenge is living well.

I will never feel ok about what happened to me last fall. I will not let it go. I will not ever be whole like I was before it happened, no matter what the lawyer who finally took my case said. I will never look back and say, "eh, it's no big deal." It was a big deal.

All I can do is learn from it. And there's no old adage about the best revenge is learning from something horrible and humiliating.


  1. The best revenge is setting things on fire. I don't know what the best legal revenge is.

  2. I approve of arson, and large court settlements if possible. I'm too impatient for Karma, but hope it also arrives with little bells on its shoes!

  3. Well, you still have the opportunity for revenge through living well. Today you reminded me of a story I've never told, when an opportunity I had already won was taken away from me. Most of the time I rarely think about it. But every so often ...

  4. I hope you find peace, either through revenge or karma.