Tuesday, June 12, 2018

June 12. You do too much

Every few years I panic at the sight of my calendar and come undone. I cancel memberships, I make kids hone down their activities, I stop going to meetings. I say I'm focusing on the essentials. I'm getting back to basics. When really...as soon as that plate is clean? I fill it right back up again until the mashed potatoes fall on the floor and the gravy is all over everything.

I just like stuff. And people. A lot.

I'm not good at not doing too much.


  1. Maybe it's not a case of focusing only on essentials - which clearly is far too drastic for you. Maybe it's a case where it might help to follow the Coco Chanel policy of turning around, and the removing the first thing you see in the mirror?

    1. I like that. I like considering how to do that on a more metaphorical scale.

  2. I love down time. I need to do more.

  3. I get tired just hearing about all the things other people do.

  4. I'm not sure if this post was intended to be humorous, but it made me laugh. As did Dona's comment.