Friday, July 24, 2020

My World Part XII

I had a biopsy on my face on Tuesday. 

Because that's how this year is going.

It was a weird little bleached spot on my cheekbone. Had a bump on one side. I went in to have them tell me I was a hypochondriac yet again. And I was disappointed.

"I'm glad you came in, we need to biopsy that," was the answer.

The nurse practitioner and doctor stood in front of me and talked medical talk but I was able to absorb that just by looking it, they could both tell it was a basal cell carcinoma, but they were concerned it was an infiltrative one and wanted a punch biopsy to confirm before they sent me for Mohs micrographic surgery.

All those new vocabulary terms. I can see the worksheet in my mind with the matching terms and definitions. Use "punch biopsy" in a sentence. Name three types of basal cell carcinoma in order from most aggressive to least. 

So now I wait. I have two stitches in my face and they come out on Tuesday and hopefully I'll have the inevitable answer by then and I can go have my little white bump removed and then be put on what they called "the six month plan" which is discouraging but...manageable.

So I'm putting off the knee surgery....


  1. Oh no... I'm so so sorry. Another "fuck you" to the universe on your behalf.

  2. FTS, man! I'm really glad you went in, and that they responded appropriately. This is not always the case - I know of Dr just taking them off with liquid nitrogen. You've reminded me that the pandemic has stopped me getting some of my moles/freckles/lumps checked this year. Thank you. And fingers crossed for the answer. Sending hugs.

  3. And it was clear last night that I was NOT keeping up on my reading! Happy to hear all is well.

  4. I echo IB's words. I knew nothing about this until our Zoom meeting.