Sunday, December 16, 2018

December 16: Happy Things

This past week the parents in Leo's class got an email from the teacher. The boys, two boys in particular, were excluding one single girl. It was bordering on bullying and she mentioned a couple of details that made me think Leo was one of those particular boys. So I had an unpleasant conversation with him about this and it was clear that he owed the girl an apology and to clean up his act.

I wrote to the teacher to let her know how disappointed I was about this.

It wasn't Leo.

I was so relieved, but puzzled why he would have accepted the blame. But then the teacher told me that many of the boys had become followers in this, but in Leo's case he generally ignored the girl in question.

Today the girl's mom friended me on facebook. Although I knew it could have been a trick, I accepted. She sent me a message: Leo is a good kid. But you know that already.

I wrote back and told her my side of the story and promised to listen if she brought concerns about my son to me.

And then I cried.

I've been that girl more times than I deserved and I need this to be ok.

But I think it will be.


  1. Sounds like he apologised to the girl? Then you should be proud - of him, and yourself!

  2. Wow. So much packed into this post. Glad Leo wasn't one of them—and you handled this so well.

  3. Oh the hurt in this, and the terror. Raising sons is not's a fricking minefield.

  4. I agree with what everyone else said.