Saturday, November 24, 2018

November 24: Fort Collins

My oldest is heading to college next fall. Likely destination is Colorado State University in Ft. Collins. We visited together last Easter, touring the campus and talking to locals and having a nice time sightseeing and soaking up the local culture.

She fits there.

I watched her on that trip putting herself into the scenery, into the stories, onto the blankets in the oval shaped center of campus with a friend with a guitar and another with a golden retriever, the bikes laid down on their sides while the afternoon passed in the sun.

She’s leaving. It’s time.

 It’s time.


  1. Wow. I cannot believe that I've "watched" her grow up. What a privilege. And how exciting. Scary, sad, but thrilling too.

  2. I remember those days with our kids. So happysad to quote IB.