Sunday, November 11, 2018

November 11: Tennessee

Tennessee is lived in. Comfortable. Wabi-sabi.

If they knew what wabi-sabi was.

And in that way, Tennessee is a lot like me. Like my house. Like my life. Broken in jeans and broken in personality and moments of beauty surrounded by a lot of hiking to get there.

It's what I'm becoming, Tennessee, if I just let go and let it happen. Let the crows feet crinkle and put on the hoodie sweatshirt and try to find a via media, a middle way, between conforming to what I should be and losing myself in what I could be. Tennessee feels right.

I'm not too hard persuaded. I will probably be Tennessee in the end. And Tennessee is perfect.


  1. These stately vignettes are SOOOOOO good.

  2. Really lovely. And I think as we get older, that wabi-sabi is really the only way to live.

  3. I must be Tennessee because I had to look up wabi-sabi.