Friday, October 19, 2018

Oct 19 Jenny Part IV

Mundane details: She was married at 16 while pregnant, to a man twice her age who died leaving her with six children, only one of whom would survive to adulthood. She remarried and had one son before that husband died of emphysema. He was a bricklayer like her brothers and father. Her father was a dodgy fellow who left one wife (or maybe survived her?) and married one younger than Jenny. And then had the audacity to move in with Jenny and her two living children after her husbands and first father-in-law had all died. When her dad died, Jenny kept on with the young widow until her youngest son, my great-grandfather, married Anna. Then she moved in with them.
Photo: Dodgy dad, Henry Dawes (he immigrated from northern England)


  1. I know I've read some of this before. I am loving reading it again, differently.