Thursday, July 26, 2018

July 26: Bake and Be Blessed

In 2006, a storm hit St. Louis from the wrong direction, knocking down hundreds of trees and cutting off power for days all over the region. The first night, I lay in bed sweating, listening to sounds outside I never heard before (there's a manhole cover loose out there on the main drag, for instance, that clunks when people drive over it), and I read this book and felt good about God for the first time in many years.

I fluctuate a lot in my religious feelings, drive, desire, and belief. But this book started a renaissance for me, lasting 7 or 8 years and making me realize I was ok the way I was and the place where I was in my head. I was ok. And I needed to live in the now...and bake more.

It will probably be my gateway back. This or something like it.


  1. It seems like a natural gateway... fresh-baked goods smell so heavenly.

  2. Baking is always good. I'm glad you have a book that helps you.

  3. A rerun from my first 365, about my dad, who died in April:

    138/365 Another Bill
    In retirement, he’s become the kind of Christian who acts: representing his church in Mexico, building houses with Habitat for Humanity, helping seniors file tax returns. For himself, he bakes bread, but even that’s something he shares after the joy of watching it rise.