Friday, June 1, 2018

June 1. Internet Providers

"Hello this is Bob from Spectrum, how are you doing today, ma'am?"

And thus begins my thrice-weekly call from my internet provider trying to up-sell me into a streaming service for my television. No matter how many times I explain why I don't have cable, why I don't need cable, how in 2001 I cut out cable for my mental health, how I can't afford to add to my bill now or when the deal expires, no matter what I say, they do not leave me alone.

I've gotten vicious on the phone. Sarcastic mean and bitter. I ask them to put me on the no call list. I threaten to leave them for AT&T. But nothing stops them.

They're like herpes.


  1. I never answer the phone these days: I rarely get a call from anyone I want to talk to.

  2. It's like everyone sucks. I miss the old-style phones that allowed you to hang up with style on people.

  3. We're about to cut the cable cord. I probably need to do it, otherwise Dean will accept their latest promotion. I know he wants to bring the bill down, but he also watches more live TV than I do.