Friday, May 4, 2018

May 4: Tullamore Dew

We stood in the overwhelming liquor store staring at the Irish whiskey, totally unsure of ourselves.An employee approached and gave his reviews. Several he said to try in a bar first. Not this one. He sold us on the 12 year, a smooth finish whiskey perfect for sipping.

Turns out I'm a whiskey girl.


  1. I'm not a whisky/whiskey girl at all. I might have to become one before visiting the ancestral homelands.

  2. I had the same sort of conversation with a liquor store employee in front of the Irish Whiskey a couple of months ago before out St. Patrick's Day dinner party. Since I love smokey Scotch whisky I ended up purchasing Red Breast Irish whiskey. A friend brought Slane. I now must try Tullamore Dew!