Saturday, February 24, 2018

55/365 Wool Socks

"How can you possibly wear wool socks?" she asks.

How. Can. You. Not.

Are those enough words? Because wool socks are important to me. They are enough important that I darn the ones I own, using a round rock as a darning egg. One pair is more scrap wool on the bottom than original knit fabric. I love my wool socks.


  1. Woollen socks are important here too, in this land of sheep. Though I confess my darning days are long gone.

  2. I have no idea how to darn. And speaking of darning (and we likely talked about this when we discussed SmartWool), have you tried Darn Tough socks?

  3. I have not--smartwool are the ones I find myself darning most often, but at the same time, I wear them the most because they are lighter weight (so I wear them year round).