Sunday, February 11, 2018

42/365 Objects: Quilt (and cat)

"I love this quilt," Alyssa said as she got ready to move out of my house, fondling the hand tie-dyed sampler I made. "I would take it if you let me. And Hickory, she's the best cat. I know she loves me. If you don't mind."

I did mind.

Now my 13 year old loves that quilt up as she should.


  1. I am stunned at the thought of asking to take someone's hand tie-dyed quilt. And equally stunned at the thought of asking for cat. Some things must be offered.

  2. "Was she joking?" I say hopefully.

  3. she was not joking. She seriously did not understand how people worked.

  4. I agree with both Maureen and Linda. I've run into people who ask for things like that and wonder how they learned to be that way.